So you have finally decided that you want to start a blog. You get your own domain name, buy a hosting plan and all ready to set up your blog. The first step that would be one of the biggest decisions you make is ‘WHAT SHOULD BE THE THEME?”.

When I started blogging, I was really not familiar with the idea of premium WordPress themes and I blindly went for a free theme listed by WordPress. Was that a bad decision I made? Surprisingly NO.

I know many experienced bloggers out there will disagree with me and encourage you to use premium WordPress themes, but let me put this for you in plain words. Premium doesn’t mean it is better than free. Many of us assume that if we have to pay for something, it will be better than the free stuff. Well, it is not true always.

Don’t mistake me, I am not discouraging the use of premium WordPress themes. In the long run, it is really important to consider them, but for beginners, it is just an extra expenditure.

Read further to know why am I discouraging something which everyone promotes so much.

1. Free themes available on WordPress do perform:

As a newbie, you must be thinking, FREE means low quality. Well, it is not true. The free themes provided by WordPress are tested and quite decent. In fact, free themes may be better than many unknown premium themes.

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2. An investment with no return for a long time:

If you are a new blogger, you are setting your site up and made investments in buying the domain name and host. The returns on your investment will not be immediate and will take a considerable amount of time to get paid. So, it makes no sense in spending money on a premium theme when WordPress has hundreds of free themes which performs good enough.

3. Less content on your site:

The content quantity on a new blog will be quite less, maybe 20 to 25 posts. A free theme will work just fine for your site. Invest in buying a premium WordPress theme when you have a fully developed site with substantial content.

4. Understanding your site requirements:

A new blogger needs to first understand their site requirement as every blog is different and will be benefited by different themes. One theme used by a popular site might not work for you. For you to understand your requirement, you need to do trial and error with the free themes first. Then you will know what are the features you are looking for when you buy premium themes. DO your research first.

5. Less knowledge of Premium WordPress Themes:

When I started blogging, I had very minimal knowledge about premium themes and I am sure if you are new, you also must be wondering the same.

There are thousands of premium WordPress themes available and trust me every premium theme does not perform. Few of them look good but load slow and others might not give you all the features you need.

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Buying a premium theme before you have good blogging knowledge is just firing an arrow in the dark. Buying a premium theme before you have good blogging knowledge is just firing an arrow in the dark. With passing time you will make a network of bloggers and you can use your wit and their advice to get the right theme for your site that will perform.

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So I would suggest you be patient before you plan on buying a theme.

Well, many premium themes do perform better and give your site a unique look but I suggest a newbie should stick to free WordPress themes in the beginning. Get into the flow of blogging and you will know the right time to invest in that premium theme you think performs best for your site. By then you will have experience hence you will not go wrong.

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